Celebrate Love at The Inn on Ferry Street: A Quintessential Wedding Venue

In the vibrant heart of Detroit’s cultural district, The Inn on Ferry Street emerges as a premier wedding destination, offering a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary charm. This venue, with its cluster of Victorian homes and picturesque carriage houses, provides a unique setting for couples looking to celebrate their special day in an unforgettable manner.

A Glimpse into History with Modern Flair

The Inn on Ferry Street is an ensemble of beautifully restored Victorian homes that date back to the 19th century. Each building, with its own character and historical significance, offers a distinctive charm that adds a profound sense of elegance to any wedding. The preservation of original architectural elements, coupled with modern amenities, ensures that each celebration can enjoy the best of both worlds—vintage allure with contemporary comfort.

Tailored Spaces for Any Wedding Style

The flexibility of The Inn on Ferry Street is one of its most appealing features. Whether you are planning a grand affair or a more intimate gathering, the venue provides multiple spaces that can be customized to fit your vision. Choose from elegant indoor settings with stunning period details, or embrace the natural beauty of the outdoor gardens, which offer a romantic setting for both ceremonies and receptions.

Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

What sets The Inn on Ferry Street apart is its commitment to providing an exceptional, full-service wedding experience. The dedicated staff at the Inn are experts in fine-tuning every detail to align with your wedding theme and personal tastes. From the planning stages through to the big day, they are on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly, allowing you and your guests to relax and revel in the celebrations.

Comfortable and Classy Accommodations

With 40 distinct guest rooms available, The Inn on Ferry Street not only serves as a wonderful wedding venue but also as a convenient place for guests to stay. Each room offers a unique blend of historical décor and modern luxury, ensuring that everyone experiences a comfortable and memorable stay. This feature is particularly beneficial for weddings, as it allows guests to enjoy the festivities without the hassle of late-night travel.

Perfect Backdrop for Lasting Memories

Photography on your wedding day will be nothing short of spectacular Inn on Ferry Street wedding. The historic exteriors, combined with lush landscaping and meticulously kept gardens, provide a multitude of picturesque backdrops. From the charming porches of the Victorian homes to the serene ambiance of the garden settings, every photo will capture the essence of your day in a truly magnificent way.

A Venue Revered by Many

The testimonials from past couples who have chosen The Inn on Ferry Street are a testament to its excellence as a wedding venue. Many praise the stunning environment, the professionalism of the staff, and the seamless integration of services, which collectively contribute to a stress-free and joyful wedding experience.


Choosing The Inn on Ferry Street as your wedding venue means embracing a piece of Detroit’s history while enjoying the luxuries of modern hospitality. It stands not just as a venue but as a memorable part of your love story, offering everything needed to make your wedding truly special. If you desire a setting that combines beauty, history, and personalized service, The Inn on Ferry Street awaits to transform your wedding dreams into reality.